Maintenance 23. March 2017

Maintenance – Core Network / Network FFM2 (00:15 – 06:00 CET) , scheduled 1 day from now in a day
in a day
In this period, we are replacing the core router (Dell Force10) with new Juniper Networks hardware. In the first step, we will migrate all racks / port channels from the old to the new core router. Subsequently, we will migrate the subnets and BGP sessions from BGP Downstreams. Finally, all subnets, BGP sessions, VLans, firewall filters and sflow collectors are checked for functionality and the status is updated. Should individual problems arise at the network level, our emergency support service is at your disposal free of charge – you can reach it by telephone at the number indicated. We expect a maximum downtime of 15-90 minutes per contract concerned.

Deutsche Version: We want to change our actual core router (Dell Force10) against new hardware from Juniper Networks. We want to start with the racks / port channels and migrate them to our new core router. After this step, we will migrate all subnets and downstream bgp sessions. Finally, we will check the functionality of each component closely. If you experience any undetected problems afterwards, you can call our emergency support without any extra charges. During the maintenance window, we expect a maximum downtime of 15-90 minutes for every affected contract.

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