March 5, 2018

Free Teamspeak 3

Free TS3 Server

At least 20 active users (or else the server will be closed !!)

TeamSpeak server should be used daily

You have to follow/join Twitter, Facebook, Steamgroup when you order a server

PayBackNow adverts on your teamspeak

Server with 10 – 100 slots The server needs to be active at least once a week Also follow our social media : facebook, steam and twitter.

You can only request one server, if we find out that somebody requested more servers, we will close them all.or go

When your server is not active once a week, the servername will be changed to non active? Change so that it will not auto deleted.

We only accept a form if it is correctly filled in !! And check your junkmail box

For fast help join join” Need Admin Room ” and ask $Dany$ for help